Here’s a story about some truly Creative F%&kers. Bear with me as I explain the profanity in disguise. 

Down in the East Village of NYC, there’s a coffee shop that I love to visit for its special brand of #PuertoRican #coffee However, if I drink coffee, I drink espresso and I like it with hot half & half or cream. 

Yesterday when I stopped in, I was informed that the shop was out of half & half. The lovely young lady apologized and told me that another one of their cafes a few blocks away might have it. On a mission and out to walk even further, I headed there, only to be informed they didn’t have half & half either. Now a theme highlighted throughout this chain of coffee shops is: Creative F%&ker. There’s a clever book they sell with that name along with t-shirts & pins. It always gives me a chuckle as it also adds creativity and humor to their tasty coffee vibe.

As I’m talking to the young man behind the counter, not serving up the cappuccino I was hoping for, he says: “I’m really sorry. We’re waiting for our delivery. But, if you go down the street to the (big brand) coffee shop, they’ll put some 1/2&1/2 in a small container and you can bring it back and I’ll make you what you want.”  

Truly amazed by the clever suggestion, I laugh & say: “You guys really are Creative F%&kers!” Now we’re all laughing, as is everyone sitting around in the tiny shop listening to this exchange. I leave without my coffee.  But as I exit, I see a little deli and figure, what the heck, I’ll ask them if they sell 1/2 & 1/2. They did! As I go to pay, a bunch of local men hanging out at the counter say: We’ve never seen someone so happy to get 1/2&1/2. So, of course, I explain that there’s a story behind my smile and I tell them about the Creative F%&kers around the corner. Again, we’re all laughing.

So, long story short, I return to the cafe, got a great cappuccino for free, left a quart of 1/2&1/2 plus a tip…and we all had a good laugh.

Moral of the day? Amusement is wherever you want to find it. 

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