Every morning when I’m taking a shower I shave my legs. (This is where you say: Where the heck is Dian going with THIS story?!) Well here goes: The other day, I grabbed a new razor. While I was shaving my legs, I was thinking about a campaign that I am producing, self-shooting and “staring” in for one of my absolute favorite partners. As I’m sliding that razor over my legs I’m wishing that someone would invent a waterproof shower recorder that I could just “turn on to record my shower thoughts because I always seem to get the best ideas under the shower head! So there I was: Shaving away and thinking about everything from the nail polish I’ll need to buy for the shoot; the clothes & shoes I’ll be buying and using; and, the accessories to make it more fun. All this, while I’m contemplating writing out the production sheet; choosing locations for the various shots; the scripts; shot angles; how many photos and videos will be necessary; and, how I want it ultimately edited all together — which I’ll be discussing with the photographer/videographer. So the whole time I’m shaving my legs my mind is racing with all these thoughts and more because the prior day our shower had a pipe burst — so I was in a different bathroom in our apartment that I had never used. 

I get out of the shower, dry my hands and grab my phone to start talking to my Voice Memos while I dry myself off. Next, I decide to moisturize my legs. And what do I find?  Unshaven leg stubble! Seems with all my mental machinations — I forgot to take the safety cover off the top of the razor! 

Sometimes Life delivers its messages in the funniest ways. Clearly I needed yet another reminder: Stay in the moment. 

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