How did we get to this age? Where did the time go? At this stage, we either feel like we’ve had a long life or it’s been a blink of an eye. Universally, most feel that it isn’t going to be long enough.

We cannot reverse time. The sun determines the mornings & evenings of our lives…and it won’t turn backwards. As such, our pasts can be contemplated, but not redone. Futures remain unknown. So, we could say life is just a series of “nows.”

If we accept life as a series of nows, it makes sense to honor the value of our moments. Whatever we’re doing, needs to be done with purpose, so we can enjoy our victories with the passing of time.

With only 24 hours in a day, the choices regarding how we spend our time become paramount& of course many of us must work. To make our work days more rewarding, it helps to remember that here are no “just” jobs. Each role, regardless of pay scales, creates the whole that society needs to function. So while we’re working, we might as well really get into being the best at what we’re doing, bringing pride to our role. This will make our days more rewarding & leave us more energized to spend our time doing other things we might like to do with our “free” time. And about working, it pays to remember that we can save money—but we cannot save time. We can borrow money—but we cannot borrow time. There’s no carrying over the hours in today to tomorrow…Everything is contained in the moment of now.

Since we can’t stop time, the secret is to maximize quality of life. Yesterday we all shared thoughts on the value of being experiential —whether through conversations, hikes, library visits, world tours & everything else imaginable. Experiences help us realize that clocks don’t measure the quality of our time. Quality time, can feel timeless. Think of an album you love to listen to. While it likely took many weeks to record, the music now plays from start to finish in about two hours or less: But assuming we like the music, we feel transported into timelessness. Such is the experience whenever we do things we love.

So here’s the thing: We are this age. Now…how will you increase the quality of your time to enjoy it to the max?

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