The other day, I received a note from a dear friend.  She told me that she had decided to make one of her favorite things: A first of the Season batch of stewed rhubarb with berries.  

She shared that while she was making her rhubarb, she had a few minutes so she sat down on her back deck to read my new TurboCharged book.  

It was a beautiful day, so while she was reading, she started looking at her flowers. This caused her to put down her book and start deadheading the flowers.  Once she began working with her flowers,  she noticed some weeds and started pulling them from the garden.

While she was weeding, she suddenly remembered her rhubarb and dropped everything — running into the house — only to discover very burnt rhubarb.  It took her ages to scrub the pot and said that truly she probably should have thrown it out. 

Then, while she was scrubbing, there was a sudden Summer downpour and she remembered that she had left all her stuff outside — including her brand new copy of my book. She bolted out in the rain to grab them

So…she ended with wrecked rhubarb; a black pot; a sopping book, phone and sunglasses; and a wet mess of weeds outside.  

She concluded — and I can so relate and I do concur: Honestly? Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves. Don’t you?

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