I intend to write 40 or more books this year. Short, easy to carry books of 30 to 80 pages that will be very reasonably priced. I don’t know if I will reach my goal, but today, with three books now 95% completed, I’m feeling enthusiastically pumped.  

I’m doing this because of a variety of reasons. Often, I start writing a blog post and get frustrated because I get stopped out at 2,200 characters on Instagram, for example. The result is that sometimes I’m left with a feeling that my message was incomplete, when I could have really elaborated on the topic. Another reason is that many of you DM me, asking if I can delve in more deeply on a variety of subjects. Sometimes I respond in a new blog post, but at other times, it’s a topic that is really worthy of a deeper exploration and I don’t want to be trite.

I’m sharing this all now for two reasons:

  1. Forty books is a really big goal. But, it is something I’ve wanted to do for over 30 years and I decided this is the year I’m going to try. I may fall way below my goal — but by declaring my intention out loud — I’m putting pressure on myself to just do it. I will only go to print with quality end products, as I’ve always valued quality over quantity in all facets of life.  Very publicly, we’ll all see how my personal challenge unfolds throughout these next 12 months! 
  2. I’m really interested in hearing about topics that would be of interest you. If you have any particular ideas that you would like to see expanded upon, I welcome your suggestions. Please feel free to post them below or DM me if you’d like to keep your request confidential.  (No photos! I don’t open them as it’s proven to be far too perilous!)

Thanks as always for your company, ideas and amazing energy! 

I’m @DianGriesel aka a perception analyst & strategist; creative attitude disrupter & adjuster; author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook & TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition; and the blogger & model known as @SilverDisobedience  More info on my websites (search my name) and at Wilhelmina Models. Silver Disobedience® is a Registered Trademark.