As we head towards a new year, it’s good to ask: Does your life script need an edit?  

We are each the author of our own life story. So, it’s important to remember that any established writer will tell you that good writing gets down to good editing. 

Writing begins by spilling words on a page. Then, the work begins: The cutting, repositioning and changing up the story to make it an enjoyable, fluid story.

So why am I writing about writing our stories?  Because how we tell them may need an edit.

Are you still talking about who you were 20, 30 or 40 years ago? Have you really not changed?  Is what happened all those years ago still really relevant to who you are today? Is it deserving of being repeated? And if so, does it really add to the description of who we have become or is it a disguised form of self-sabotage.

We are not every experience we have ever had. While each experience may have contributed to who we are today, this doesn’t mean each experience deserves to be honored with our memory or recollection in tales with others.

This week is a good time to think about whether it’s time for an experience inventory. Which experiences are no longer relevant and worthy of retelling? 

Cut, edit, slash and delete those from your story that no longer positively reflect the person you are today.

The story is yours to tell. Write it however you want to be read. 

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