For most of us, our 50s and beyond are accompanied by an unanticipated element of excitement—a newness and sense of freedom distinguished from and wholly different than any earlier time of our lives. Our cumulative years seem to become a catalyst to release energy that allows us to blossom in entirely new and unexpected ways. We recognize that we’ve been growing into the versions of the selves we’ve always wanted to be. Slowly but surely, we start getting comfortable with shedding standards of our younger years that no longer hold any meaning for us. We begin to  relinquish the need to question our essence, and start accepting our wants and desires. Suddenly, it’s almost as if we arrive at a stage where we aren’t quite as worried about societal norms as to “how we’re supposed to be or act.” Suddenly, age is revealing itself as a more free-spirited time—in much the same way that youth is idealized to be, yet rarely is because youth is so often for many a quagmire of insecurities. ✨

I’m not saying that we are all having a love-fest with our wrinkles nor that there aren’t certain personal, health, financial and other challenges that accompany aging. But having now read hundreds of thousands of detailed, heartfelt responses to my blog posts, I can firmly declare that most of us are very glad to have lived long enough to get wrinkles, and we recognize it would have been worse to not have had the opportunity to deal with those wrinkles-in-the-plans that life delivers. ✨

This is Silver Disobedience® philosophy. ✨I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience I’m the Author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook: 365 Inspirations for Living and Loving Agelessly (available on Amazon) and a Perception Analyst who shares my Daily Meditations for other Ageless, Passionate & Curious People. ✨Modeling info at Wilhelmina Models —other info in my profile link to website.