Love is in the air. So is the temptation to break any healthy New Year’s resolutions. According to an article published by  U.S. News & World Report, by the second week in February, approximately 80% of resolutions fail. And right smack in the middle of February is a holiday that is synonymous with indulgences and chocolate: Valentine’s Day. Instead of falling into the temptations the holiday brings, below is a spin on “Eat This, Not That!” for what you can do for Valentine’s Day to keep your healthy ways going strong.

Home Cooking, Not Going Out

I know, I know. We have been eating at home a lot more than usual; however, there are not only health benefits to this, but financial benefits as well! According to the American Journal of Prevention Medicine, eating at home is likely cheaper and healthier for people. There are ways to make a fun, delicious, romantic meal at home, giving it that restaurant feel without the extra costs and calories. With a quick search you can find countless of recipes online for a Valentine’s Day-inspired meal. Consider shopping local for some extras like a baguette from a French bakery and a bottle of Cabernet  (or any wine or special beverage you enjoy!) from a wine shop. For dessert, purchase a slice of cake from your favorite bakery and share it with your loved one. Two forks mean half the calories! Create a nice ambience by lighting a candle, dimming the lights, and putting on some relaxing music! Get creative!

Cocoa Flavanols, Not Chocolate

Chocolate is the go-to gift. But to someone trying to be healthy it can derail their diet. It’s time to think outside the candy box and replace the chocolate (goodbye, sugar and fat) with cocoa flavanols, which promote healthy blood flow benefitting both the heart and brain. If you’re thinking, “Aren’t cocoa flavanols in chocolate?”, the answer is yes, but not enough to have an impact on your health. Research has shown that 450mg of cocoa flavanols has heart-healthy benefits – but this amount is not available in ordinary chocolate products due to cocoa flavanols being destroyed by most chocolate and cocoa powder processing. For comparison, to get 450mg of cocoa flavanols in the leading dark chocolate on the market, you would need to eat EIGHT servings sizes, which equals roughly 1,200 calories! No thank you! The best way to get a beneficial amount of cocoa flavanols in your diet is with science-backed supplements like CocoaVia™. Not sure what to buy your loved one? Check out the Dark Chocolate CocoaVia Drink Mix that can be added to coffee, smoothies, and consider adding a box of goodnessKNOWS Dark Chocolate Snack Squares to give your loved one a snack to enjoy with their heart-healthy CocoaVia™ mocha!

Activity, Not Laziness

 The weather is colder making you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket or stay in bed rather than head outdoors. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday, there might not be a reason to get up and at ‘em. While it is good to have that extra snuggle time, try to think of an outdoor activity that you can do instead of being inside and sedentary! Depending where you live, the activity will vary but try to find a way to get some exercise together. According to Psychology Today, couples who sweat together, stay together!

Make this Valentine’s Day like no other. Be healthy, happy, active, and creative!

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