(SD-SP) This year has tested the strength of every mother despite what stage of their motherhood they are in. From first time moms who were delivering babies in a very different hospital setting, to seasoned moms who were setting up makeshift classrooms in their homes, to grandmas who assisted their adult children with childcare, moms took on more workload than ever before and should be greatly celebrated, especially this year.

Capture the Moment to Remember

Have you noticed that it is usually the mom behind the camera capturing all the joyous moments in life? This year, make it a point to have moms be in front of the camera rather than behind. This is a monumental Mother’s Day so make sure you capture it!

Thank You Card

Stressed out about what to get the mother in your life? Take a break from searching the internet with Google searches like “best gift for mom” or “unique gift for Mother’s Day” and write a thank you card. Whether it is to your wife, your mother, or another mother in your life, take time to let them know how much they mean to you in your own, heartfelt words. Scrap the prewritten cards and opt for a blank one! This will be a gift to remember and all it takes is your time and your heart.

Time Together

If this year allows for it, find time to get together to do something or make plans for quality time soon. Time spent together is time well spent. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant like a vacation (although many moms are probably antsy for one) but can be something as simple as getting a bite to eat, taking a walk, or even going for a scenic drive! Use the time to talk and enjoy each other!

The Gift of Health

 If you want a physical gift in addition to a handwritten card or time spent together, consider a gift that will benefit your mom’s health. Many moms are going in a million different directions and sometimes their self-care can take a backseat. A thoughtful gift idea is a plant-based supplement that supports both heart and the brain health—two essential organs for anyone, but especially a mom! Check out CocoaVia™ products which are packed with cocoa flavanols, the nutrient found in natural cocoa beans that give it it’s “superfood” status. Moms can opt for a powder to mix in their morning coffee or a capsule to take as part of their morning routine. It’s a gift from the heart… for the heart, brain and entire body!

Make this year’s Mother’s Day special with ideas from the heart… and a gift for the heart!

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