We stop, close our eyes and breathe to become one with God, one with Nature, one with the Universe —which in my mind is all one-in-the-same.

Everyone who wants to learn how to meditate or practice  steady breathing, tends to begin by thinking, “OK. I have to clear my mind now.”  

Thinking that you have to clear your mind means you are still thinking. You’re worrying about having a busy full mind vs. a clear peaceful one. When we are worried about our thoughts as we try to relax and clear them away, we are still being dualistic: We are judging ourselves by thinking:  “I don’t want a busy mind now. I want a peaceful mind.”

The ultimate deep breathing (or meditation session) arrives at the moment (however fleeting or long it may last) when we start to release distinctions between peaceful and not peaceful.  Instead of letting our thoughts distract us when we are seeking peace, we are understanding and accepting that there is really nothing to contemplate. It is at that exact moment, that we are truly present and peaceful.  

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