Letter writing today is an under-rated form of communication. Instead, many write in text shorthand that includes easily misinterpreted acronyms; incomplete thoughts; ridiculous, pull-out-the-“text dictionary” to try to understand the meanings; and leave out the “a” in “Thnks” —because it’s just too much effort. Not everyone does this, but it’s a growing trend. Long form, thought-out writing, along with beautiful handwritten letters, seem to be going out of style.

I love getting letters. I can also say that there were 4 very memorable times in my life (maybe even more..) that taking the time to write a thank you note changed the direction of my life for the better. The WAY WAAAAYYYY better.

Writing a letter — even if it is never sent — is a fantastic meditative exercise. It’s especially challenging to try to write a genuine “thank you” that never uses the words: I, me, my or mine. It is not easy as it forces our minds outwards to the world around us and others. Try doing it. We all know someone who would appreciate receiving a genuine, hand-written thank you, 100% focused on them.

PS: The same exercise works with trying to speak for 5, 10 or even 15 minutes without using I, me, my or mine. Trust me on this…it’s really hard! …or maybe it is just for me!

PS2:  My mother is a wonderful letter writer and her exquisite script —another thing sadly going out of style—is as beautiful as her words. Thanks, Mom, for instilling in us kids the importance of hand-written thank you notes.

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