Recently I was standing on a property with great, tall pine trees. There were many trees actually. Yet I particularly noticed the pines because they mostly appeared dead. 

Crowded in dense foliage from the other trees, plants and vines which made them unable to get enough sun, the lower portion of the pines had hollowed and seemed to be dying. Yet, upon looking up, above all the other trees, I could see that the very tops of the pines were alive, full of green needles and cones.  

It appeared that the base growth of the trees had been restricted. Yet determined to not only live, but thrive, the trees grew and stretched: Rising higher above all the other trees that had been obstructing the sunshine.

It is fascinating that the forces challenging the life of the pine trees were actually the exact same forces that demanded them to reach high, gather strength, spreading branches far and wide to reach the light.  

This makes me think about the importance of adversity and how it is a catalyst that is at the root of our growth as well. 

We each have innate strength within us that gives us the ability to rise above when faced with adversity.  When it gets right down to it, each year of our lives we’ve been challenged with all sorts of adversity. Still, we’ve summoned our energy, pushed through, and found a way to live.  Quite amazing when we stop and think about it really. 

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