When we share our sunshine with others, our entire world gets brighter. This is because when one person chooses to share any gesture of kindness with another person, a contagious feeling starts to develop and grow in both people. The natural order of emotions is that those “feel good” feelings start to spread. It’s not a 1+ = 1+ equation.  There’s a fascinating multiplier effect, like 1+ = 100+x. In fact, every bold attempt to spread more kindness is a success whether you realize it in the moment or not. The exponential effect is that the energy of kindness begets more kindness. Not always nor necessarily from the person upon whom we bestowed our kindness directly, but the indirect impact is a proven force: Shared kindness causes kindness to return in other ways from other people. Today is a good day to start the spread.

PS:  This is a #behindthescenes shot from my interview with sports anchor Steve Overmyer of CBS-TV for his feel-good show, SnapShot NY. He shared his kindness by interviewing me and I’ve been beaming ever since!  If you haven’t seen the segment, it’s up on my IGTV page. 

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