Today is Judy Katz’ 82nd birthday. She’s a force of nature who is still as vital and vibrantly alive as the summer day we met when I was 24 and she was 44. We’ve been best of friends now for 38+ years. You may recognize her from the CelebrEighty columns that are on my website SilverDisobedience.Rocks and posted in full on Facebook @SilverDisobedience. Not only does she write those columns — she’s also a ghostwriter of books who is in high demand and has completed over 50 books to date with no signs of stopping because her story-telling skills are as remarkable as she is!

With many similarities between us, yet just as many differences, together we’ve shared more adventures than I can count. We’ve also had more conversations than I can remember. 

Judy is one of the most impactful, age-defying forces that I have ever encountered in my life. Year-over-year she consistently proves that when it comes to aging and living our best life, it is our attitude that is far more important than any number we are lucky to be celebrating.

Please join me in wishing Judy a very Happy Birthday and many more!

You can learn more about her ghostwriting at: Katz Creative Books and Media