Office workers are bombarded with messages informing them that sitting at a desk all day is unhealthy. “Good to know,” most of them mumble, as they turn their attention back to the computer screen in front of them to address whatever urgent task is staring them in the face. All joking aside, especially as people get older, it becomes increasingly important to engage in healthy activities. Here are a few ideas for making those long work days a bit healthier.

  • Stretch bands: These exercise bands are great for any resistance exercise routine. They are heavy duty and can be used for a variety of activities including strength training and injury recovery. They are inexpensive and made of 100 percent genuine ecofriendly latex. They go through a rigorous stretch test to ensure their strength.
  • Small free weights: These weights can be easily held and used throughout the day for light weight training. Users can create their own custom resistance by using either more or fewer weights as they progress with their fitness. They come in many different colors and are ideal for general exercise.
  • Grip-training tools: These are a great way to work on the strength of one’s grip and arm muscles. They are small and easy to travel with, so users can get some exercise in while on-the-go. This product is available in multiple strengths so people can vary the intensity of their workout as they progress.
  • Stability cushions: This important strengthening tool is great for both adults and children. Sitting on this disc activates the user’s core muscles, as well as their flexor and extensor muscles to help keep balance throughout the workday. With the small, continuous motions a person makes all day to remain stable on this chair, deep core muscles are always being stimulated and enhanced.
  • Ankle weights: These are an affordable and dependable way to keep the body engaged throughout the day. They add resistance to walking to strengthen leg and core muscles. They can also be worn on the wrists if the user wants to activate the muscles in their arms.
  • Hand exercise balls: These colorful balls are great for both increasing strength in hands, arms and wrists, and decreasing anxiety throughout the day. They prevent tension while also alleviating joint pain. These are also great for arthritis, as they build strength and help with discomfort.
  • Treadmill desk: Having a treadmill desk allows people to get their steps in throughout the day while they are working, and keeps them from living a sedentary life while they are in the office. This is an effective way to add in some quality exercise throughout the day while multitasking. It increases their energy and reduces joint pain so they can stay in shape and make long-term changes to their healthy lifestyle.

Engaging in any of these activities is a smart way to stay healthy during the day. Don’t let work get the better of the desire to stay fit!  If you need more ideas about living a healthy life pick up a copy of TurboCharged by Dian Griesel aka @SilverDisobedience

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