I go to far more garage sales than years ago thanks to GPS. I know I can follow the signs and go to places I’ve never been before on treasure hunts…knowing that I can hit “Go Home” and I’ll be directed accordingly.

Admittedly, reading maps was never my strong point. North was always up in the sky or straight ahead of whatever direction I was facing. In a conversation with my Mother when she was about 92, she admitted to being equally directionally challenged! 

I remember, too, those days when I first started driving and my Dad would ask if I still had the map in the glove compartment. Of course I did, purely because I can’t think of why I’d remove it! But when I did have to pull it out, it would be a pull over on the side of the road, while I spent at least the first 10 minutes trying to figure out where I even was on that map!  Making the whole situation more challenging was when the time came that you actually had to figure out how to refold it to get it back into it’s original form so it would fit back in that glove compartment!  I actually remember either a geography or math class that I had in High School that included a map-folding test! 

I love the benefits of many of the technological advances we are witnessing in our lifetime — even when I consider their downsides. Yet I know we cannot put the proverbial “Genie” back in the bottle. The changes are here to stay and it’s our choice to figure out how to embrace them for our benefit.  But on that note, since we were talking about using maps to get around in our cars … is there anyone else like me who wishes we could bring back the ultimate, original A/C for all cars: The wing windows?!! Yeah, it was the easy break-in route…but oh what a glorious breeze! 

Thoughts anyone? X

PS: This VW looks quite better than the one I had in 1979. Mine was missing running boards and hubcaps! And you know what? I loved it!

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