So the other day I was in the airport. I got there ridiculously early and had plenty of time to wait. I wanted a cup of coffee, but the sole coffee shop informed me there was a refrigeration problem, so there were no milks or creams. So I purchased just a water and headed over to the magazine stand. 

There a wall of drinks caught my eye and one tea had the word Pure in big letters, so I decided to check out the ingredients thinking maybe it was the caffeine fix I was desiring.  

To my shock the ingredients were indeed “pure”: water, black tea and sugar.  However, the calories totaled 160 and they weren’t from the water or tea! They came from 42 grams of sugar which equates to almost 10 teaspoons!!!

I was shocked! I cannot imagine intentionally putting 10 teaspoons of sugar in a cup of tea or coffee! Yet, that’s what so many people actually consume with each single serving of this packaged tea.  As I researched, I found this high sugar load is quite common in tea drinks. 

If you find yourself gaining weight or struggling to lose it? Start checking the labels of the foods and drinks you consume. Pure and natural are words that don’t necessarily equate to healthy! 

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