Collective consciousness is the belief that we are one & within our hearts we all share the same feelings, thoughts & comparable moral attitudes. With this, life’s realities still demand that we manage respective financial challenges, keep a roof over our heads, navigate personal & work relationships plus maintain health, to ideally end each day a little better than yesterday.

When I began writing this blog, people asked: Why? I didn’t have an answer then, but I have one now. I wanted to test my faith in humanity.

The hope with each essay is that by sharing my thoughts, perhaps others would find my personal concerns familiar—which would in turn be comforting to all, if we noticed our connectedness. Maybe a refuge could be created in a world of noise, a sanctuary that might provide greater personal peace with our thoughts. An oasis of positivity that could at least offer virtual-assurance from ‘real’ humans, that we’re never really alone, no matter how it might sometimes feel. A home where anyone can check-in, knowing other guests would also be seeking refuge from the chaos of life-at-large, sharing a common desire for greater understanding & kindness.

281 blogs later — for the most part, this dream of an online refuge has materialized thanks to an openness of so many to participate. There is a great collective desire to understand the genesis of our differences, versus simply holding on to the need to be ‘right.’  As many note, the comments following each blog are as insightful & honest as I hope each essay is. The mutual support is immensely heartwarming.

Hundreds of thousands have joined this journey. Thousands participate daily in what might be the most passionate discussion about the human condition that the internet has ever birthed. The daily conversation has confirmed not only our connectedness to each other, but the fact that regardless of our differences —our feelings about ourselves & others–‘who we are’ hasn’t changed that much with our years. We remain ‘one’ at the heart of it.

Let’s keep showering positivity. Keep looking to the skies with hopes. Lifting each other up.

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