Yesterday I published my 2,700 blog. What started in the Fall of 2017 has turned into a very rewarding daily passion. 

I began this when my agent told me I had to have social media accounts. I was mortified by the thought of posting pictures of myself every day. More so, I thought all my crisis management advisory clients would think I was having a midlife crisis. So, I decided to play the game, but to do it my: I’d post the required photo (which I’ll admit turned out to be somewhat fun) and I would write an essay about whatever I found myself thinking about the the most that day. 

My ideas come from snippets of conversations I have or from overhearing strangers on the street who are waiting for the light to change. Sometimes it’s the first thought I have upon awakening, which is likely the result of something my subconscious was trying to resolve during my dreams the night prior. It might also be just musings, wonderings, doubts, questions, observations, frustrations or whatever set of feelings and emotions — clear or confused — contribute to daily life and getting through our days.

I write for me. It clears my head. It helps me resolve so many things I am trying to figure out and understand. (And I can assure you, I’m “figuring” daily!)  I publicly choose to share what I write because your comments take me out of myself: They connect me with you via your recognition of the feelings relayed via my written thoughts. 

While I could certainly add up the hard financial rewards that have come from collaborations with great brands, book opportunities, keynote speaking, modeling and content creating — the real “bottom line” is that you have made this adventure priceless. 

As a writer with a bent for philosophical thinking, it is immensely rewarding to write and have others — that would be YOU — engage with a response.  So today, I just want to once again say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for joining me on this journey and making it so very special.



@DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience