A word to the wise is unnecessary and a word to the unwise will likely fall on deaf ears. We all listen and learn when we’re ready and not a moment before. This is why it’s high time to release the urge to say, “If only I knew this 20 years ago.”

We are ready when we’re ready.

But with that, now might be the time to ask ourselves, what are we currently trying to get ready for?  No doubt there’s something we’ve each been thinking about doing. Waiting another 20 years to do it? Might not be such a good idea.

PS: This #iPhone photo is #behindthescenes #onset for Swarovski and Elle and Hearst. It was one of my favorite campaigns to participate in because, seriously: Check out this #jewelry and the #clothes! This #editorialteam #artdirector #stylist #mua #hairstylist #prteam #Swarovski #Elle #Hearst #videographer #photographer all knew that those of us #50plus are still #styling Thanks @gindoll1 and Team @wilhelminamodels and everyone else involved who I’m surely missing because #excellence is a #teameffort

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