100 things that are still very beautiful, wonderful & fabulous in Life…Spring green tree sprouts & flowers, the sound of rain, books, stained glass windows, moonlight, sunrise, good olive oil, oil paintings. Big hairdos, cavorting, the smells of stews on a rainy day, cookbooks with good pictures, cinnamon spiced cider, bowling alleys, love that lasts, restaurant match books, models to scale, old oak church pews. Calligraphy, coin jukeboxes, rooms with a view, comfy sofas, silence, stick shifts, empty journals, directions, poets, a good rendition of America the Beautiful. Indoor plants, sneaking your initials in fresh cement, ignoring unconstructive criticisms, church bells chiming, fidelity, a good stretch, early birds, penny wishes tossed in fountains. Rainbows, old glass milk bottles, mint toothpaste, a cup of tea, the sparkle of crystals, galavanting, thank you notes, hot showers, wrinkles, saving worms on a rainy day. Old maps, finding a dollar in a coat pocket, maintaining traditions, friends & strangers, waves in stadiums, a good book, a sharp No2 pencil, rear view mirrors,  fruits, knowing the best things in life are free. Monopoly, kites, Origami, blind faith, carwashes, piano players in lounges, baton twirlers, goose bumps from thrills, a bouquet of dandelions, noise cancelling headphones, guitars. Saying “I did it.” Blushing. The stars. Inspiring risk-takers. Candles. Double-decker buses. Accepting a dare. Backgammon. Check marks on lists. Wood piles. Mossy steps. Staircases going nowhere. Fortune’s in cookies. Fresh herbs. Silliness. Adult conversations with toddlers. Hay fields. Bonfires. Thank you’s for door holding. Water fountains. Helping another just because. An enthusiastic hug and kiss. Stores open late. Toddlers in firefighter hats. Toasters. Kids in blow up pools & sprinklers. Fresh socks. Love that’s found. A nice brush. A secret park bench. An “I’m ready to party!” mood. 

What would you add to your gratitude list?

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