“Keeping it 100 percent,” means that you’re being honest and not leaving known details out. 

I learned that phrase last night while having dinner with a friend, who for 10 years was our amazing babysitter when our children were younger, and her son, now 21, who I’ve watched grow up since he was 6. What began as a work relationship, became a special family-to-family friendship that I’ve treasured now for 20+ years and counting.

During our conversation, the young man “Gave me game.” He “schooled” me as we spoke, sharing his wise thoughts about a lot of current topics, as well as what he was learning about business from starting a cool new clothing line,   @perceptionnyc___  

As you can see, I took notes because it is these special conversations with friends; random unanticipated moments when I overhear snippets of conversations from others on the street; and, the fantastic comments and insights shared by people within this community in response to one of my posts, who inspire me daily…and endlessly.

If we tune ourselves in, lessons are everywhere. 

So, on that note, keep it 100% people!

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